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Gästehaus Prader

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South Tyrol in my heart: Manfred Prader

We spent much effort on our home to make everything as pleasant as possible to our guests. And now we satisfy the wishes of our guests - with all good and enjoyable that we can do.

Welcome to our Guesthouse Prader!


Everything under control: Erna Prader

Who wants to know what's up in our house this one is just right at me. Especially if it's a questions of wishes of children. If you have two children then you exactly know, what the offspring needs.

I grew up on the parental farm; there for it to be called to get crecking already as I was a children, one time on the field, the next time with my mother in the kitchen, if she prepared the dinner for the guests. After the final secondary-school examinations I moved to St. Leonhard. Here I attend to our guests' well-being wholeheartedly.

These are my hobbies: Hiking, cycling, skiing, sledge riding, our vegetable garden, reading and doing handicrafts.

I'm looking forward to you!